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What You Need to Know Before You Rent a Storage Unit


Aug 2, 2022


Before you rent a storage unit, make sure you understand the price and size of the unit you will need. Please read this article to learn how much it will cost to rent a storage unit. It also discusses whether climate-controlled storage units are available. Good luck! And happy storage unit hunting! Let us know your experience and any suggestions in the comments below.
Renting a storage unit

Before moving into your new storage unit, you’ll need to sign a rental contract. The contract will include the rental period, the administration fee, and the first month’s rent, typically prorated from the start of the month. You’ll also need to purchase a lock and register for an auto-pay option. Make sure to read the contract before signing it to avoid any surprises.

If you need to rent a storage unit for a long time, you can save money by storing your items in a storage facility with amenities like an elevator. Storage Units Aberdeen However, you’ll have to pay the storage company every month, so weighing the cost savings against the inconvenience of traveling to the facility and losing heat is essential. Ultimately, renting a storage unit for long-term storage should only be a last resort if you need a larger apartment.
Cost of renting a storage unit

Some facilities are far away from your home, while others are more convenient. Decide which type of facility is best for you based on your needs, flexibility, and location. Climate control and access to 24-hour security are also associated with costs. Consider the amenities provided in your storage facility. It will help you determine whether it is worth paying extra for such amenities.

The size of the storage unit is the most obvious factor determining the price. For instance, a 5′ by five-foot unit costs less than $10 per month. Larger units are more expensive but offer additional space for your valuable items. A 25-square-foot unit, roughly the size of a walk-in closet, costs about $35. A 10-by-15-foot storage unit costs more than $300 but is still affordable for many people.
Size of a storage unit

To determine the correct storage unit size:
Start by taking an inventory of all the boxes you need to store.
Take note of which boxes are more significant than others.
Once you have the list, measure each item to determine the minimum width and length it will take. Once you know how much space each box will take, you can estimate the cubic volume of each box.
For example, if you are storing a house, you can estimate how many cubic feet each room will need.

Lastly, you can determine how high you can stack boxes in a storage unit. Generally, you can stack boxes up to four high, but be careful not to stack more. The higher the boxes, the higher the risk that they will cause damage to your possessions. In short, getting the right size storage unit for your needs is vital. Contact a local storage company for more information and ask for a free quote.
Availability of climate-controlled units

If you need to store fragile or expensive items, climate-controlled storage is better than a standard storage unit. The reason is simple: temperature control reduces moisture damage to stored items. Although climate-controlled storage is usually more expensive than a standard storage unit, this option is well worth the added cost if you need to store valuable items susceptible to temperature changes. A standard storage unit will do the job perfectly for most self-storage needs.

Climate-controlled storage is a type of self-storage facility regulating temperature and humidity so your items remain protected from extremes. It will keep your items between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of storage is typically only available at indoor storage facilities. Ask your storage facility if they offer climate-controlled units. Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, it’s essential to ask about climate-controlled storage.
Requirements to rent a storage unit

If you need to rent a storage unit, it is essential to follow the company’s requirements. Generally, storage unit companies must give a written contract that includes all the details regarding the rental, such as name and address, rental duration, and rent payment amount. You may also have to sign a legal contract, so you must understand what you are signing before signing it. Also, make sure that the rental agreement is in black and white.

Lastly, choose a facility that offers secure storage, especially if it is in a secure and convenient location. Also, consider whether you need to access your items often, as a facility in a convenient location is likely to offer lower rates. Also, consider visiting the storage facility and asking for a tour, if possible. This way, you can decide whether the unit is clean, secure, and well-maintained.