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What Does a Knowledge Investigator Do?


Jul 21, 2021


A legal investigation or trial is never straightforward. There always needs to be a way for the investigators on the opposing side to find out the truth without resorting to dirty tricks to sway the results of the case. Sometimes, it is better to rely on the knowledge of the witness or the investigator rather than the facts. The following ways will guide you to be an excellent knowledge investigator yourself.

Never assume that just because a person is a lawyer or has been an agent, they will tell the truth. This is not the case because knowledge brokers come from all walks of life. You cannot assume that a person does not know the truth simply because they are conversant with many things. In addition, some lawyers have a lot of knowledge but do not necessarily share it with others. Thus, knowledge is the best ally of an investigator.

It is your responsibility as a knowledge investigator to gather as much information as you can about the person or the case that you are investigating. As such, it would be wise of you to look up a person’s name online, or at least the Internet would be an excellent place to start. Also, try to ask friends, relatives, and acquaintances about their knowledge about them.

Another important fact that you need to keep in mind is never to assume the witness’s knowledge. As such, you should always bring the witness herself to the office of the knowledge broker. Of course, it is easy to bring any person to a broker’s office who can use her knowledge to corroborate the facts you have gathered from your sources. However, as the knowledge broker is also an expert in the matters at hand, there is always a possibility that the broker will make use of her knowledge to fabricate evidence against you.

If the person who is being questioned has any ulterior motives, the fact that she is being questioned by you could work in her favor. This is because the person with ulterior motives will always try to find ways to corroborate their story. One great example of this is when a witness testifies in line with a lawyer fighting a trial against a client who committed a felony. If the client’s lawyer tried to discredit the witness, the fact that you are questioning the witness could favor his client.

Always make sure that you only bring along the necessary documents when you meet with a knowledge investigator. For instance, if you want to verify how a particular person handled a gun during an investigation, it would be a smart move for you to bring a firearm with you. Keep in mind that even though you may have proof that a person committed a felony, it does not mean that he used the weapon. The mere fact that you brought a firearm with you to the meeting might be enough to enable you to convince the mind of the jurors that the person in custody of the weapon was not the one who fired the shot that killed his ex-wife and other people at the time.

The mere presence of one or more firearms at a location where murder is believed to have taken place could be enough to convince a jury or judge that there was indeed a murder taking place. This fact may be enough to convince a judge or jury to acquit the person accused of the crime. As stated earlier, there are many circumstances where the presence of firearms would be relevant. Therefore, having more than one firearm at any given time is always a good idea.

Finally, even though a knowledge investigator is a professional, you must maintain a cordial relationship with them. This fact will not only help you avoid problems later on, but it also helps the two of you build a good rapport with each other. Ultimately, the fact that you worked well with your investigator from the beginning until the end will significantly impact the results of the case. Remember, reasonable attorneys build their reputations on good results, so if private investigator in Melbourne do not perform well in a case, it is usually because the client and lawyer had a bad experience.

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