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How to Arrange a Personal and Attractive Bedroom


Oct 14, 2021


Deciding on a choice of interior design style for a bedroom can be tricky, especially if you want a style choice that can reflect your character and personality.

The many choices of interior styles can sometimes cause confusion, which one is the best that can be used. Basically, all of these options, have their own advantages and disadvantages, our job is to know which one is the best and most appropriate to use.

However, if Bar fridges want a mix of different styles, or take what’s good in each style, and combine them into one interesting mix, you can try an eclectic interior style.

Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic is a style known as a mix or amalgamation of several design concepts at once. This makes it unique and has its own characteristics and characteristics. This eclectic interior design can be a solution to get a room that feels very personal with an attractive appearance.

The eclectic style allows us to express the many design styles we like, and then combine them into one unique and very personal style.

In an eclectic style interior, the mixed elements can include many things, ranging from motifs, decorative elements, ornaments, and many others.

Arranging the Bedroom with the Application of an Eclectic Style

According to the title of this article, how to arrange a “personal” and attractive bedroom, we highly recommend applying an eclectic interior style to the interior of the room.

A bedroom with a unique appearance, has a characteristic, and can easily describe the character and personality of the owner, is everyone’s dream. That is why, when arranging the interior of the bedroom, presumably not only one style is chosen. So that the appearance of the room feels attractive, we can try this eclectic style.

As mentioned earlier, eclectic interiors allow us to express many of our favorite design styles and then combine them into one distinctive and highly personal style.

Well, here are some bedroom design inspirations with an eclectic interior concept. This is one way of many ways, how to arrange a bedroom so that it has a unique and attractive feel and atmosphere.

It’s important to remember, some of these design inspirations use multiple techniques by personalizing some design elements.

Athena Calderone’s Room Arrangement

Bedroom appearance that combines masculine and feminine styles. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the bedroom in an apartment belonging to a designer named Athena Calderone is deliberately designed to be very eclectic.

Calderone combines dark and muted masculine colors in a fresh and unconventional way. He arranged his bedroom using a dark blue color for one of the bedroom wall colors. He also perfectly combined it with an artistic abstract painting.

In addition to dark colors, the presence of an antique-shaped fan really represents a masculine impression in the room.

Meanwhile, a feminine touch can be seen in the pillowcases with a pink color scheme, as well as the blankets, as well as the beautiful white chandeliers. Looks very attractive doesn’t it.

Organizing a Bedroom by Repeating Colors and Shapes

When it comes to colors, one of the best ways to give an organized, eclectic touch is to repeat the colors. The repetition of colors in some parts of the room is able to give birth to a distinctive and unique eclectic feel.

In addition, we can also choose what our favorite color is and use it as the main color scheme in the room area.

Tips, try neutral colors, pastels, or even light colors. Just adjust it to personal preference. Then use it more than once. This will create a repetitive impression.

As shown in the image below. This is an example of a bedroom interior arrangement with a focus on color play. Make it look unique. Very eclectic.

In addition to the use of color, the application of repeated shapes and patterns can also give birth to a personal impression and an attractive appearance in the bedroom space. Mixing shapes and patterns creates an eclectic and attractive visualization of the bedroom space.

Color Selection Consistency
In contrast to the repetition of colors, arranging an eclectic style bedroom can also be displayed with the consistency of the choice of paint colors used.

The colors that are displayed consistently will create a color scheme that makes it easier to “transition” from one design style to another.

The use of this matching color can be applied to bed linen, blankets, pillows, and even carpets. This color consistency is deliberately done in order to create a room interior with a simple appearance and not excessive.

It’s important to remember, with “matches”, this may not seem very eclectic. However, that’s not the problem. This is how to arrange a bedroom to feel very personal with an attractive appearance.

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